You Nudge Pty Ltd. is an Australian based company, actively involved in sales, maintenance and marketing of Biomedical  / Life Science Instruments of highest repute.

You Nudge Pty Ltd is among the emerging company in this field in Australia. Today YN is capable of marketing, product support and lifetime services of the equipment’s.

You Nudge Pty Ltd Represents in Australia, few of the world’s largest developers and manufacturers of Biotechnology, Analytical and Electron Optics instruments. Our customers include petroleum, mining, pharmaceutical, environment, tanneries, armed forces, research organizations, scientists, hospitals, universities and foreign funded projects. All this is of-course possible through a team of very active and unbeatable sales and service group called as You Nudge Pty Ltd.

You Nudge Pty Ltd  have successfully supplied, installed and is now providing back-up services to diverse range of high tech. instruments which includes Laboratory Instruments, Dialysis Instruments, Electron Microscopes, Gas/Liquid Chromatographs, Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, UV/Vis Spectrophotometers, DNA Synthesizers, Genetic Analysis Systems, Automated Protein Sequencers, and Petroleum Testing Equipments etc. Our name is the symbol of quality and standard services, which is recognized by all major multinational, private and public sector organizations.

The company is staffed by some of the best people of their field available in the country. The highly specialized nature of our activities imposes exacting demands on both the company’s work force and management. You Nudge Pty Ltd fulfills these by exercising stringent quality control standards over its operations, resources and services. You Nudge Pty Ltd corporate headquarter is in Melbourne  and intending to open major branch offices in Sydney and Perth. Each branch will have resident engineers who can provide immediate back-up services to the customers in their territory. Depending upon the nature of the work, any engineer from any You Nudge Pty Ltd office can be called upon to ensure speedy completion of job.